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Self-Guided Walking Holidays in Greece Self-Guided Walking Holidays in Greece Self-Guided Walking Holidays in Greece Self-Guided Walking Holidays in Greece

Self-Guided Walking Holidays in Greece

Ancient Greece was the origin of democracy, history and theatre. Successive civilizations – Mycenaean, Classical, Byzantine – have left a language and a culture which survived centuries of Ottoman Turkish rule to re-emerge in the 19th century as modern Hellas. This was partially aided and abetted with the encouragement given by the young Lord Byron, who helped inspire the Greeks to throw off the Ottoman Empire.


In the modern age, the beaches, islands, ancient monuments and shrines such as Delphi and Dodoni still inspire the traveller, however there is so much more to the country. Few would realize, but it is, after Switzerland, Europe’s most mountainous state, with Mount Olympus, legendary home of the gods, reaching almost 10,000 feet/2900 metres. The main mountain axis extends from the Pindos range in the north, through the Peloponnese and on to the island of Crete. Within the Pindos range are the wild and remote Zagoria Villages, famed for their  traditional stone-roofed houses, and also the monasteries perched on the pinnacles of Meteora. Greece is botanically rich, notably Mt. Olympus and the Pindos peak of Smolikas.

Our self-guided walking holidays are fully flexible which means you can normally start your walk on any day during the season and customise by adding extra days for resting or sightseeing. As you're walking independently, you're free to follow the trail at your own pace. You set your own pace as you are not limited by the constraints of group travel. You are free to shorten or lengthen your walk as the terrain permits and can even take a day off, although you may need to travel onto your next accommodation by taxi or public transport in order to do so. As long as you are reasonably active you will be able to find a suitable tour and all of our tours are graded to help you choose the right walk for you.