Walking & Cycling Holidays in Sardinia Walking & Cycling Holidays in Sardinia Walking & Cycling Holidays in Sardinia

Walking and Cycling Holidays in Sardinia

Sardinia is an inspirational island of natural beauty and a mix of Italian and Spanish cultures. Sherpa Expeditions offers both self-guided walking and cycling holidays in Sardina for you to enjoy. 


Self-Guided Walking in Sardinia 

Walking from the black mountains of Montiferru to the Sinis wetlands you will discover beaches, bays, headlands, ancient ruins and historical sites along the way. This is a gentle walk crossing a variety of terrain and home to much bird life especially in the spring. 


Self-Guided Cycling in Sardinia 

Embracing the wild and romantic beauty of South Western Sardinia, through areas of scented Mediterranean maquis, coastal mountains, abandoned mines and long empty beaches: all to be visited at your own pace. The area is fairly hilly providing moderate to difficult cycling in places but then you are rewarded with some very dramatic views and opportunities to explore highlands, lowlands, coastlands and islands. The route is very quiet - far removed from the busy resorts of the northeast and even then you will largely be pedaling on secondary roads. The terrain is rugged in parts, with high cliffs ascending from the coast, interspersed with long white sand beaches, grass covered dunes and of course breathtaking panoramas embracing the coast and seaside blues. Two days contain quite hard and hilly cycling, but the prevailing wind blows from the North West, which is in the right direction for cycling although, of course it will not always be on your back!


Our Walking & Cycling Holidays in Sardinia