Walking Holidays in the Pyrenees Walking Holidays in the Pyrenees

Walking Holidays in the Pyrenees

The picturesque Pyrenee mountain range loosely forms the border between France and Spain, and is home to the tiny mountain country of Andorra. A walkers' paradise, the region offers waterfalls, 3000 metre peaks, streams, forests and wildlife for you to enjoy. 


Sherpa Expeditions offers three self-guided walking holidays in the Pyrenees. The first is an eight-day walk in the Catalan region of the Pyrenees, from the mountain town of La Preste, down to the Mediterranean seaside town of Collioure. The second is another eight-day itinerary follows the Meridian Way, a route that closely follows the International Greenwich Meridian through the French département of the Hautes Pyrénées. On the border of the Pyrenees and Corbières region we explored a network of secret trails that lead to the mysterious Cathar Castles, on the seven-day Crusaders Cathar Castles Walk you can follow these ancient trails yourself.


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