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The noble grape may rule in this prosperous region and the wine may be truly magnificent, but there is much more to enjoy on this walking holiday through Burgundy. The local cuisine offers memorable gastronomic experiences and the charming timeless villages are rich in tradition. From the historic winding streets of medieval settlements, set out to explore at a relaxed pace across rolling hills with forests of beech and oak through some of the best of rural France. 

Beaune is the hub of Burgundy’s wine industry, at the heart of a cluster of prestigious vineyards such as the Cote d’Or, Cote de Beaune and Cote de Nuits and is the obvious centre for many of our trips. While here, don’t miss the imposing mansion of the Dukes of Burgundy, the basilica of Notre Dame and the most famous of all the sights in Beaune, the steep pitched patterned roofs of the Hotel Dieu.

In a story written by Mary Richardson for the American Press after having returned home from France, she describes her first impression of Burgundy: 

"Large muscled white cows, the famed bred-for-beef Charolais, mooed at us. Bees buzzed. There were field after field of grape vines, all planted in straight rows situated to get every possible ray of sunshine. “This couldn’t be more pastoral,” I said to my husband, Joe."

To read the full story and learn about Mary & Joe's experiences on our Burgundy Vineyard Trails, you can open this pdf document.  


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