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Inspiration and Advice for Walking in Europe Information, reviews and advice on Wainwright's Coast to Coast walk in England. Amalfi, Cilento, Tuscany, food and more Sherpa travellers share their reviews and experiences. Information, reviews and advice on Madeira walking holidays Information, reviews and advice on walks in the Cotswolds

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The latest travel news, interviews, traveller reviews, inspiration & advice on cycling and walking holidays in the UK and Europe..
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Travellers Tales

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Have you been on a Sherpa Expeditions trip lately?

Travellers’ Tales are a great way for other travellers to learn more about specific trips, helping them decide which holiday would best suit their interests - we try to publish as many as we can. If you'd like to share your story, simply email us with a selection of your prettiest images and the answers (can be as short or as long as you like) to the following questions.


As a little thank you, when your travel review is published we'll give you £50 towards the cost of your next Sherpa Expeditions operated trip


Perhaps you like to give us shorter feedback, you can do so by leaving a Google Review or recommendation on Facebook

  1. What is your travelling/walking/cycling history?
    We’d love to know what kinds of holidays you have taken in the past and the level of walking/cycling you do regularly. Please be as general as you would like. It is good to just paint a picture for other travellers to help them relate their experiences to yours.

  2. Why did you choose to walk/cycle where you did?

  3. How did you prepare?
    What physical preparation did you do to make sure you would enjoy the trip? If this was nothing different from your normal routine, then please just mention what this involves. We’d also like to hear of any other preparation (or lack of it!) that you thought helpful.

  4. Your favourite destination?
    Did you have a favourite village or area on your trip?

  5. Best food and drink?
    What was the best food/drink that you had on the trip and where did you have it?

  6. Biggest surprise?
    Did you have any nice surprises or serendipitous experiences?

  7. What aspect of the trip did you find most challenging?
    (i.e. a specific hill or the overall distance .. or coming back to the real world!)

  8. Do you have any other advice for travellers thinking about travelling on this trip?


Check out all Travellers' Tales  >> perhaps there is one on the cycling or walking holiday that you are interested in!


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